8th grade

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Weeks Middle School (Tom McMahon and Kendra Kurth)
  • L to J: This is a power point activity that is vocabulary based. It is a comprehensive overview of every unit. It helps track students' progress throughout the year when class/student average scores are graphed.

Unit 1: Science Skills
Unit 2: Motion and Forces
Unit 3: Energy
Unit 4: Waves and Light
Unit 5: Astronomy
Unit 6: Heredity & Classification

  1. Coach my video - app that can be broken down scene by scene, Best to shoot the video with app already on the ipad and then open in coach my video - Free Gilmore(Ideas of how to use Coach My Video App) Gilmore(To use with graphing motion, falling ball) Lund (To use with Coach my Video for students to learn properties of waves)
  2. Trading Cards- "Frayer Model" for Vocabulary Flash Cards, students can search for pictures or take picture, use synonyms/antonyms, other ways to help remember it,(appeals to individual students learning style) -Free
  3. Sound Level- turns sound into a solobell
  4. Moon Globe
  5. Mars Globe
  6. Google Sky Map
  7. Stellarium
  8. Zondle - vocabulary app, used on laptop too, sign up for teacher account get class code